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Despite the union's view, Mr Weatherill described the process as totally appropriate."It is sad that we have to have this level of intrusion and scrutiny, but the truth is that we've already seen in the past that some people will try and infiltrate their way into these roles so that they can get access to children," he said."But that's the sad fact of life now in our modern era."The union also cited concern about how securely the data would be stored and whether it would be accessible within other public sector agencies, and potentially beyond.PSA official Nev Kitchin expressed concern for people's future job prospects, depending what data was stored."If a person refused to answer one of those questions, what difference would that make to the test?Then I have to read through reams of code and try to figure out what the the original programmer was thinking …

The not-so-fun part of being a programmer is when I have to take over maintaining a big-ass system I didn’t create in the first place.

The Public Service Association said it had been at odds for months now about a requirement for "existing employees to undergo intrusive psychological testing".

It said the Child Protection Department initially refused to consult the union, but that changed after the matter was taken to the Industrial Relations Commission.

“Our findings suggest that for the general adult population, higher sodium is very unlikely to be independently associated with higher risk of death from CVD or all other causes of death,” says Dr. Cohen, lead author of the study and associate professor of epidemiology and population health at Einstein.

The authors, led by Professor Rod Taylor from Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry in the UK, found no strong evidence to support the idea that salt reduction reduces cardiovascular disease or all-cause mortality in people with normal or raised blood pressure.

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