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Because of the uncertain air schedule, producers opted against serialized story lines, putting the mystery of Carrie's sister's murder — the only thing she can't remember — on the backburner."I actually feel like for our type of show, standalone episodes make sense," Montgomery says."It's not the kind of show where it's got such a soap opera-style throughline that you would have to watch intensely in order to follow it.There's no cliff-hanger at the end of this season because of my pregnancy. It was all a rush to get it done."TV characters we used to hate It'll be a different story in Season 3 though. "That's what we couldn't do in Season 2 where we were stuck.Taking advantage of the early pick-up, new showrunner Ed Decter is planning longer arcs, including fanning the flames of Carrie and Al's will-they-won't-they-again tension. We're doing good in Season 3," Mongtomery says."When we all started talking about Season 3, we really wanted turn up the heat between Carrie and Al and [talk about] how to manage that," Decter says. We needed a foil to come in and get in the way of Carrie and Al. She doesn't trust that they can be more than professional partners and Boris comes in. It was also heavy and didn't fit with the new tone of the show.

Production and airdates, however, were pushed back after Montgomery became pregnant. " she quips.) As a result of the delay, the show only aired half of its 13-episode Season 2 last summer before stepping aside for the fall schedule with no return date set at the time.

Carrie and Al arrest a mobster and his accountant for the murder of a teenage girl at the same time a hurricane hits the coast.

With all communications down due to the storm, they are forced take shelter at a mainly abandoned precinct, and protect the two from the mobster's goons who aim to rescue their boss by any means necessary.

The series has received mixed reviews from critics, earning a score of 57/100 from Metacritic.

Detective Eddie Martin, Carrie's estranged husband arrives from Long Beach to assist in Major Crimes' manhunt for meth dealers who seem to have stepped up their game. Carrie and Al must drive the star witness in a high profile fraud case to Miami, but must put up with her many eccentricities and deal with hitmen out to silence her.

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