Wechat id adult people

To begin, head to the We Chat Official Accounts Platform and click “Register now”.

Your mobile becomes a remote control for easy deliveries.Note that some advanced features, such as We Chat Pay, must be applied for separately.Also note that the features and interfaces available to Overseas China Service Accounts (海外特殊认证的国内服务号), and the requirements to obtain them, vary by region as they are administrated by different Tencent business development teams.The registered administrator’s role is frequently misunderstood. As the owner of a Chinese We Chat Official Account, you should control the email address and password to login to your account.You can add yourself as an administrator after you register the account, and your registered admin will never need to be given login credentials for your account.

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If you’re still unsure of which account type to choose, seek advice before proceeding.

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