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At the time, I was somewhat hopeful that things would improve gradually over time: Google had just formalized the 24-month update policy a few weeks prior, and we were already seeing a few devices like the Nexus 4 and the 2012 Nexus 7 that were being kept up-to-date for 34 or 38 months.Furthermore, the mere existence of a 5-year auto-update promise for Chromebooks showed that Google was at least willing to commit to the work involved in keeping devices up-to-date, provided the right circumstances were met.The only notable exception is the i Phone 5C, which was essentially just a year-old i Phone 5 with a fresh coat of paint, and was only kept up-to-date for four years. Using our metric, every end-of-life'd device since the 2012 Nexus 7 has gotten at least 33 months of OS support, with the Nexus 7 itself even reaching 39 months.This is actually more than Google has promised on any Android device until this year's Pixel 2 — even though users are only guaranteed two years of support, we've come to expect something closer to three.Comparing the Nexus 4 with the i Phone 5 — both released in Q3 of 2012 — we see that the i Phone's bar stretches all the way until just before the launch of i OS 11 last month.

The table below presents the support life durations for several i OS and Android devices.

This is much less than the equivalent numbers on i OS, which are 50.1 months for i Phones and i Pads and 49.1 months for i Phones only — over 18 months difference.

On top of that, the numbers aren't much better today than they were in 2015.

Two years ago, I drew up a little comparison between the duration of software support for i OS and Nexus devices, and the differences were stark.

Whereas Google only committed to 24 months of OS updates on its flagship phones, Apple typically updates their i Phones for up to 5 years after release.

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