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My cock had been coated with the juices of our daughter, and I hadn't had a shower! " So saying, she parted her lips and swallowed me down, right to the balls. I need to feel that stiff cock deep inside me, now!

I was holding my breath, until she lifted her head up and smiled at me. Her mouth went up and down, over and over, I could feel the tight grip of her crimson lips around my shaft, and I could feel the cum starting to simmer. " She slid down, and I could feel my cock penetrate her, sliding into a slick tunnel of tight, squeezing heat.

Her breathing picked up as I ate her pussy- more when I ran my hands along her thighs and massaged her pussy lips while I licked her.

I had to have her- I licked from her soft pussy up her belly, ending up on my knees between her spread legs, my cock towering above her.

As she whimpered, trying to pull it back on, she let down her guard long enough for me to pull her shorts and panties down to her knees.

"Please don't..." She whispered, her voice quivering- "Please don't do this- I promise I won't tell on you, but please just stop now..." I pulled her shorts and panties off- then her shirt, then I pinned this very beautiful, very naked little girl on my couch, her hands above her head.

"I'm going to screw you now, baby- I'm going to fuck you just like that guy is doing to that girl on the tv." I could see her look up to see the scene of the girl getting fucked nice and hard from behind.

Since it doesn't look like a sequel is coming, this is my idea of a sequel, I have at least 2 more parts to follow, let me know if this is a good continuation.As I moved closer to her and my hand found it's way to her inner thigh, she instinctively closed her legs a little bit. I put my free arm around her and softly kissed her neck.Her breathing sped up and she blushed nervously as she tried to move away, only to find my hand holding her close."Now, I want you on your hands and knees, baby." I ordered as I pulled her up and turned her over, her beautiful, tight ass facing me.She kept her face on the couch as I slipped a finger into her, loosening her up.

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