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The fourth season of Channel Seven's cooking reality show, which is the top-rating television show in Australia, has produced a succession of carefully constructed characters defined by the offence their ambition and vituperative criticism causes.We’ve got amazing people reaching out to us both about health, fitness, and just loving the show, and I feel if we’re in a position to reply to them, ‘like’ them and all of that, it’s pretty cool because it’s us being accessible to people who love the program.Does your competitive mindset change when you’re cooking against your good friends in the competition? It was nice to go up against Dan and Steph because when we were beaten by them we were happy and proud of them.Even a team of two men - burly middle-aged tradesmen and Rod Marsh lookalikes Mark Bowyer and Duncan Miller - have been condescendingly tagged ''the Two Fat Tradies'' because they've had to venture into interior design, and Miller is mocked because he takes responsibility for the shopping and dressing required.Is this reclassification of women and transplants the price that shows believe they have to pay to draw men to watch reality television?

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