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The Reverse Automatic Braking uses 4 ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper.Exact details of what models get what features are to be announced.Some models are already no longer available, such as some Forester manual transmission models.

The dimming function of the outside side view mirrors is activated by the rear view entire center is dark!Should the turbocharger air intake duct crack, the engine may develop a rough idle, reduced power and possibly stall. recall WTA-62 XT VIN 2015s FH819330-FH842199 XT VIN 2016s GH400090-GH4756447/30/15 new option- body colored door edge guards.MSRP 9 installed, or available with new Protection Package including door edge guards, side moldings, rubber mats, splash guards, and rear bumper cover for 0 June 16, 2015- 2016 model specs, features and prices announced.Starlink is free weather, news, music, on Android and i Phone. 2016 Subaru Forester 2.0 XT Touring steering wheel with Paddle Shifters, Si Drive, Eyesight cruise control buttons. Only the Forester XT models have CVT paddle shifters.2016 Subaru Forester 2 keyless entry, pushbutton start key fobs standard on Touring models and not available on other models.

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