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The president is the intended fall-guy to draw attention away from the cabal conspirators behind the scenes. Even if he did want to retrieve the weapons, he may not have had any choice. THEY’RE MORE SOPHISTICATED NOW—BUT STILL LOSING THE BATTLE And it’s much more sophisticated now.

It may also have been seen as a trap—far too dangerous to risk the lives of top personnel on what could easily have been a suicide mission.] MOST ISRAELIS WOULD BE HORRIFIED IF THEY KNEW THE TRUTH BF: Okay? MONOTHEISTIC RELIGION COULD BE USED FOR MASS MIND CONTROL At its worst, monotheism—as practiced in the Middle Ages, for example—involved singular control over everybody’s thoughts. Five companies control all the major English-[speaking] media—including the TV, the newspapers, the radios, the Hollywood studios. They’re trying to get everybody to think the same way—and they’re losing [the battle].

DW: So they warned Japan that they put the nuke in [the seabed] before they asked for money? BF: If you look at the seismic chart, you will see a sudden explosion.It was part of an attempt [at controlling the planet] by the fascist groups of World War II.The Nazis and their fascist sympathizers in the US, and England, and Italy, [along] with a group that can be found within the military, in Congress, and in the Vatican, were going to set up a global fascist government.[Wilcock note: Elsewhere, Fulford said he found that a significant percentage of Japanese revenue was being paid to the oil cabal—thanks to exploitive reconstruction contracts with high interest rates that were signed after World War II.BF: In any case, the South Koreans told the Chinese that an assassination order was out for me. DW: The soldiers did a mutiny and would not commit this . [Insiders attempted to smuggle out a nuclear weapon from Minot AFB. JAPANESE PRIME MINISTER HANDED OVER 20 BILLION BF: The Japanese prime minister [Naoto] Kan originally was so cowardly, he just said, He handed over something like two trillion yen, which is about 20 billion dollars. MAJOR BATTLE WAS TRIGGERED IN JAPAN TO REMOVE THE CABAL The evidence that this was not a natural disaster began piling up.This was because of my publicly calling for the Asians to stop spending their savings on this vast military machine. Paul Lane, of Pentagon military intelligence—he was a part of the Men Who Stare At Goats group—that four nuclear weapons were stolen from the Russian submarine Kursk after it sank. Several of these heroes died as a result of standing up against this plan and refusing to allow the nuclear weapon to be stolen.] BF: There you go. The result has been a battle here in Japan to remove these people from control.

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