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For Windows Phone, Gotya seems to be the preferred option for many users.In case you’re looking to reuse non-smart phones with Wi-Fi, then you’ll need to set it up manually.Gaming on a touchscreen can be difficult and frustrating.While being able to whip out your Android phone and sneak in a little Final Fantasy on your lunch break is great, having no tactile feedback.... They aim to make our lives easier, more fun, super connected, and of course they are status.... For example, you can actually replace a damaged screen yourself An old phone is the perfect way to get over those fears.

What you need to check is if your Android phone has an infrared (IR) blaster.

If you have an extra smartphone, you can turn it into a “ghost phone” with Lifehacker’s guide. And who knows, you might want to leak confidential information like Snowden. Most of these tricks are useful if you have a functional old phone.

But what if it’s a busted old clamshell phone or a broken i Phone?

You’ll be taking apart your old phone and using some of its circuitry.

You’ll also need an Arduino board to hack everything together.

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