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The Woolly Mammoth was not intended to be left alone, my idea back then was to revamp it on an annual basis as new scientific data came to light, and also due to the not so small fact that Icelandic volcanoes tend to do interesting new things quite often.

So, not only had the Woolly Mammoth grown stale, it also needed to be redone.

Surprisingly little is known about the Reykjanes Ridge beyond Geirfuglasker and Eldey.Icelandic Eruption Risk Value Below I have assigned a risk value for every volcano to erupt, ranging from 1 to 5.This risk level is of my own device and is based on historical eruption frequency and current level of activity.The foundation for the total of the numbers adds up to the eruption frequency of Iceland. During heightened activity as the Icelandic Mantle Plume goes into overdrive that frequency is 1 eruption every 3 years, and during slower times it is 1 eruption per every 7 years.So, the individual volcanoes might be off somewhat off, but the value for all of Iceland should be accurate.

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It may though affect ships passing over an active eruption, and potentially an eruption may cause a ship to sink due to loss of buoyancy from actively degassing vents during eruptions.

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