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I have had to leave early because I didn't feel safe. One in which the father of a patient I was caring for tried to rape me.

I later found out that my scheduler/supervisor knew about his tendencies which was very upsetting to me because she acted so surprised when I told her what happened and even tried to force me to stay on the case.

I wish I'd had someone to tell me this when I first started. the worst agency I ever worked for Central home health aide, these people paid me just an hour to work with two severely disabled adults. They are a married coupled that like calling the police on the aides and making false accusation, screaming & yelling and sometime hit their aides.

while the husband tells you no one will believe you because they are disabled. Can you believe they expect us to work in this stressful environment, lifting and doing everything for two grown adults who can't even assist you in their care for an hr.

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) and the kids would come to visit after school then stay until she picked them up at 10 PM ON SCHOOL NIGHTS.

When I protested, suddenly a gold cross "was missing" and I stole it and got fired.

I've had violent clients that the company didn't know were violent, yet they sent me a small 21 year old into these homes they knew nothing about. If you cant take strong overbearing smells, insects, pet dander, etc..

I've heard stories from fellow aides, of clients trying to stab them (happened to me too.) often clients accuse you of things you didnt do. that you cant escape for a 4-8 hour shifts, I would think twice.

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The client had a rodent problem, the client is a fall risk since he's fallen twice when I worked with him, he has memory issues, his house needs a lot of work because I reported issues with the plumbing, and an overabundance of trash which resulted in the house smelling really bad and attracting rodents.

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