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When you’re mindful, you observe your thoughts and feelings from a distance, without judging them good or bad. While there’s no single formula for success, one ingredient that only promotes prosperity is, well, the act of not doing. So, despite their filled-to-the-brim schedules, the people who “make it” block off... Have you ever honestly asked yourself that question?

Kasumi Momochi is portrayed by Kasumi Yamaya and their father were killed by the Western Yokai Okami-otoko.

Though Kinji failed after developing a bond with Yoshitaka's grandchildren, he is given another chance by Yoshitaka after his role in the Ninningers obtaining Lion Ha-Oh.

After the final battle against Gengetsu Kibaoni, Kinji inherits Yoshitaka's oden business and starts operating it in the United States.

He becomes the blue-colored Ao Ninger After the final battle against Gengetsu Kibaoni, Yakumo returns to his magic school in England and introduces the combined techniques of ninjutsu and magic, though still has a long way to go teaching the British wizards.

During Kamen Rider × Super Sentai: Ultra Super Hero Taisen, Yakumo temporarily assumes the form of Aorider , a hybrid of Aorenger and the Double Riders, once he and his team prevail in the Game World's Ultra Super Hero Taisen tournament.

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Out of the group, Takaharu is most adamant of being a ninja and wishes to become the kind of ninja his grandfather is.

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