Libra man dating aquarius woman who am i really dating

First dates have frisson because two air signs have a natural rapport.

Any frictions sensed from the get go, likely have to do with other energies in the full birth chart.

Aquarius is more of the out-going and adventuring type, while Libra follows along willingly. both these signs share a love for art, culture and knowledge that their conversations will be out of this world!! They can help the aqua have a different perspective of life. Both are rather humanitarian actually so they understand each other’s need to be needed and to help others. They probably won’t argue all that much and if there’s a problem they will reach a compromise. Aquarius’s are like puppies, when they like someone they won’t want anybody else getting close to them.

Libra and Aquarius have similar mindsets, will feel as though they have “found someone who understands” and are both very easy going people. Libra can bring more luck and understanding into the aquas life. Both are air signs so naturally they are compatible.

Libra is an ally for Aquarius, because they're so darn socially at-ease.

Libra can show Aquarius how to share their original kookiness, in a way that makes the most impact.

They're both social animals, and that colors how they spend vacations and weekends.

Aquarius can be stubborn in its dogged pursuit of its interests, and that spurs Libra on to higher heights, too. As they share life's fascinations in an atmosphere of mutual respect, their love grows. ) exchanges; high ideals; objectivity; urbane; open minds; culture lovers; refined aesthetic; zeal for social reform; always learning; gives the other breathing room.

Downside: Over idealizing; up in their heads; spreading too thin socially; easily diverted; emotionally remote; avoidance of deeper conflicts.

But Libra likes to be romantically wooed, even in a committed partnership, and will want some time alone with Aquarius for some one-on-one.

If Libra is indecisive, wanting to include all options, Aquarius can be fixed in their thinking.

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