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A new Commission Decision should be adopted with a view of ensuring the continuity of that programme and implementing immediately certain provisions of ICCAT Recommendation 10-04, notably those on the early submission of required fishing and inspection plans.The new specific control and inspection programme should be set up for the period from 15 March 2011 to 15 March 2014.The inspection should cover the entire caging operation; Sampling programmes on how to better estimate both the number and weight of bluefin tuna shall be implemented at the point of caging; All caging operations shall be monitored by video camera in the water (as provided for by paragraph 86 of ICCAT Recommendation 10-04); Fish shall be caged before the 31 July unless the farm Member Sate receiving the fish provides valid reasons including All harvest operations shall be accompanied by accurate, complete and validated documentation (including as provided for in the provisions of ICCAT Recommendation 10-04); During each harvest operation from a cage, an ICCAT regional observer shall be present.

All vessels entering a designated port for the purpose of landing bluefin tuna shall be inspected; random checks shall be made in non-designated ports; The competent authority shall send a record of the landings to the flag Member State authority of the fishing vessel within 48 hours after the landing has ended (as provided for by paragraph 68 of ICCAT Recommendation 10-04).Article 6 Benchmarks The inspection benchmarks are set out in Annex I.Article 7 Procedures Control and inspection activities shall be carried out in accordance with the following procedural provisions: Article 8 Joint procedures Member States referred to in Article 12 shall ensure that officials from other Member States concerned are invited to participate in joint inspection and surveillance activities and establish joint operational procedures applicable to their surveillance crafts.Random checks shall be made in non-designated ports; A transhipment declaration shall be transmitted to the flag States no later than 48 hours after the date of transhipment in port (as provided for by paragraph 69 of ICCAT Recommendation 10-04).All joint fishing operations (JFO) must have been authorised by the flag Member States and by the Commission who shall forward authorised JFOs to ICCAT.

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