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Not being a 13 year-old boy, I prefer quality over quantity when it comes to my orgasms. I like being a little edgy and not too relaxed when I'm at work.

I don't do it on any kind of regular basis, but it is fun to j/o at the urinal in my office men's room in the middle of the day.

I recently switched the hand soap over from liquid to foam - which I subsequently discovered makes for a wonderful lubricant.

So down the hall I go, into the bathroom, lock the door, drop my pants around my ankles, hit the foam soap dispenser for two pumps and I'm on my way.

I also have been jerking off several times a day since a young teen. By the way, I'm 63ATTENTION IDIOTIC DL POSTERS (I'm looking at you, R34)! I love jerking off at work - sometimes behind my desk, sometimes on the leather sofa in my office, sometimes in the men's room.

I had always heard that jerling off was good for the prostrate as well but last Nov. After having my prostrate removed, I still jerk off every day but instead of shooting a big load of cum, I gush piss now. Here is a lesson you all should have learned long ago but seemingly have not: Prostrate (with the R in the middle) - means flat, as in "Rita Moreno lay prostrate on the floor in front of Yul Brynner in The King and I"Prostate (no R) is the gland that controls your cum, gives you pleasure, and is often removed when found to be cancerous. I close the office door but never lock it - when someone knocks, I ask who is it and if it's someone attractive, I'll say come in before and let them see me putting my dick away.

In order to keep myself semi-aroused all day, I've done things like wearing tight silk (and other kinds of underwear), butt plugs, and other toys under my suit. r38, uncut guys often don't need lube -- the foreskin acts as a natural lubricant and protects the head.I thought I was the only compulsive masturbator around here.I work six days a week and every night before I go home I look at some porn and J/O. It's how I jump start myself each morning - it's as important as that first cup of coffee to get my day off on the right foot...hand in this case.I'm 30-something years old and have been jerking off since before I could cum. When I was in college I had a summer job as a park attendant.

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I kind of change position in my chair, maybe adjust the little guy in my pants - anything to try to stay focused, but my mind keeps going back to that urge to explode.

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