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1 Two or three years is not an uncommon length for the suckling to last even in the present day. The Essenes (whose name, according to some, means 'physician' ) are specially mentioned by Josephus (BJ ii. The distinctive Jewish practice of burying within a very short time after death occurs as an ordinance in OT only in Deut. To what extent the Jewish ceremonial law may have grown out of utility, or may have been originally a sanitary code concealed behind religious sanctions, is a question whereon opinions differ. For circumcision, other than as a sign and seal, various advantages have been claimed. Here is Abram (Abraham), the ideal and in a sense Messianic patriarch, accepting the benediction of a Canaanite priest-king, whose religion appears to have resembled his own, and offering him tithes of the spoil. 5-7 see Bishop Westcott's com mentary, where it is well pointed out that the writer is uncon cerned with the historical character of Melchizedek, and confines* himself to drawing suggestions from the language of the narrative.

The period of the Wisdom literature is the one in which medicine as an art becomes most prominent. ), or on whom she had 'spent all her living' 1 (Lk. In his healing of the sick Jesus revived that part of the prophetic office with which none but Elisha, in the earlier history, is closely identified. ) are of obscure meaning ; but they seem to refer only to the remains of kings or princes, and to have been subsequent to entombment, and they may apply to the bones only (although Gesenius and others would discover in them cremation of the usual kind). -16, probably refers to the well-known risk of pestilence from the dead unburied in war, famine, or other calamity. On the other hand, nearly all the writers on Medica Sacra discover a hygienic purpose in circum cision, in the prohibition of swine's flesh, if not also in the much debated rules as to abstaining from blood and from things strangled, as well as in some of the rules for uncleanness of the person - puerperal, menstrual, conjugal, gonorrhoeal, spermatorrhoeal, leprous, and cadaveric. Recent students, however, who seek for traces of the early Semitic religion have found the story of Melchizedek suggestive in other directions.

This is what might be expected, and accords with the gradual spread of Babylonian medicine. The following are among other Talmudic cures of an issue of blood (uterine haemorrhage from fibroid tumour): Let the patient sit at a parting of the ways with a cup of wine in her hand, and let some one, coming up behind her, startle her by calling out, "Be healed of thine issue of blood! Perhaps the only prescription proper is the poultice of figs for the plague-boil (2 K. There is no clear reference to the great narcotics of the East, opium and hashish or Indian hemp ; but in the opinion of the present writer it is not improbable that the 'honey-wood' 1 of 1 S. The Chaldteans had an elaborate know ledge of poisons. That the custom was not peculiar to Jews, is shown elsewhere (see CIRCUMCISION). , Shiloh - for o W- l Shiloh, which was so long the religious and even the political centre of the land, had a strong claim to be consecrated by a connection with Abraham.

In the rabbinical medicine Wunderbar finds ordinary curative methods, by drugs or the like, less frequently in use than occult methods, involving astrology, the wearing of parchment amulets or charms, and sympathy in a generic sense. Criminal poisoning is not mentioned, unless in the ambiguous metaphor of Zech. 51:7), which Jerusalem was to become to her enemies. Others have sought to show that it favoured procreativeness, or that it has somehow har monised with the 'principle of population'. 76:2 [3]), and in that passage may have been dictated by a misinterpretation of Gen. The best solution which remains is to read rbw - i.e. The Talmud, however, states that Melchizedek is no other than Shem (so also Targs.

13g 16, the Chronicler is aware that it was not Israelite in David s time (i Ch. Medeba was seized by Omri ; but after forty years of Israelitish occupation, it reverted to Moab in Mesha's time (.! 8); certainly it was Moabite when the elegy of Moab in Is. The somewhat long period of menstrual separation (seven days), on which Michaelis remarks (), is a limit reached habitually in some constitutions, but is, on the whole, excessive. 4 12 A], i*a.y Su If this assumption be correct Megiddo must have lain on the route of trade caravans and military expeditions from the Philistine littoral and from Egypt ; it must have commanded the passage of Carmel or rather of its SE.

Although the whole tableland - Medeba to Dibon - is assigned to Reuben by D and P in Josh. In later times the ecclesi astical purifications of women have been restricted to (a).

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11 24, from the river, the river of Ephrath.l as far as the Jerahmeelite Lake shall be your region. The Egyptians seem to have heard the name pronounced Magedo (see WMM As.

Without renouncing the traditional spells for driving out the demons of sickness, the Babylonians superadded to them genuine medical receipts (Sayce, Hibb. " Or, take three measures of onions, boil in wine and give the patient to drink, at the same time calling out suddenly, "Be healed of thine issue of blood ! 38:9-11, as well as in the Talmud, prayer and offerings are to precede the services of the physician. 36), and the like ex pressions, relate always to these substances as used for other than medicinal purposes. Like circumcision, the prohibition of swine's flesh is Mohammedan as well as Jewish. 64) says that the Jews had learned to avoid the flesh of the pig from having contracted a scabies to which that animal is subject. There was a Ruth among the Moabites ; why should there not have been a Melchizedek among the Canaanites ? 14 is approximately correct, this is perhaps the best view that can be offered. The priest-king Melchizedek in Canaan, whether at Jerusalem or at Shiloh, is a startling phenomenon ; Jethro was a priest and prince of N. More important, however, is the fact that a removal of what the present writer holds to be errors in the text of Gen. The same emendation has already been proposed by Gratz in Ps. a ."Up (vv, 19 22), producer or creator (of), cp Dt. There are many rabbinical aphorisms on the preservation of health and the attainment of old age by regular habits. Legio, again, ought in all probability to be identified with Maxi- mianopolis (see the Bordeaux Pilgrim, the lists of bishops, and the data of Jerome). 13-14; but in later times it was only to true leprosy, or to cancerous or other ulcerous affections mistaken for it, that the uncleanness of those chapters pertained (cp LEPROSY). Eusebius and Jerome, however, supply no precise indication and seem to have been completely ignorant of the site, though Jerome, speaking of the plain of Esdraelon, calls it the plain of Megiddo, and elsewhere, like Eusebius, calls it the plain of Legio. ), a place of some importance, mentioned after Ziklag, Neh. The city occupied a low hill a mile and a half in circumference. This might also be given as a definition of 'umpire', which is the word suggested by our translators (in preference to the too theological term mediator ) in mg. One of the greatest of physiological mysteries, how the bones of a child in the womb do grow, is pro pounded in Eccl. On antecedent grounds it is held that the cutaneous or epidermic surface, which alone remains after the fold of mucous membrane has been excised, would be less apt to take up and retain infection from impure sexual commerce. 1 Cp Uru-malik, the name of a governor of the land of Amurru (Syria and Palestine) under king Sargon of Agad6 (L)angin); miilik might be the Canaanite god Melek, even if originally Uru-malik came from Jerahmeel. Absalom would surely have erected his monument on his property at Baal-hazor, which Robinson well identifies with Tell Asur, situated between Shiloh and Bethel. (i) Metrical considerations show that there is some accretion on the text. The omission of any reference to his story in the Book of Jubilees suggests a very early reaction against its religious comprehensiveness. of Heshbon, with which they are connected by an ancient paved road. (3) 175^; P-Kf" Q, Jl Cruden, in his Concordance, defines 'mediator' as 'a person that manages, or transacts, between two contending parties, in order to reconcile them'. , upon the imperfect God of Job's theology and upon the much perplexed man himself (see JOB [BOOK], 6, col. This is at least preferable to EV s render ing ; entreat for him (cp LXX) obscures the play upon words, on which see Driver, TBS 27 f. The Talmud shows some anatomical knowledge, giving the bones of the skeleton at 248, which must include the teeth. 50:2-13, ; cp 23:4-11), but also more generally, the aromatic substances being applied externally to the winding sheet or the bed on which the corpse was laid (2 Ch. But it need not be said that the circum cised are exempt from the ordinary inflammations, phymosis and paraphymosis, which are usually complications of something else, and that they are little liable to balanitis. -20, has been interwoven with an independent narrative which is more intelligible without it. 22, where, in the middle of the declaration, 'I lift up my hand unto Yahwe that I will not take a thread or a shoe latchet', the editor is thought to have inserted from the speech of Melchizedek the words the 'Supreme God, Producer (see col. His name is apparently modelled on that of ADONIZEDEC [q.v.], a traditional Canaanitish king of Jerusalem, and was probably ex plained 'king of righteousness'. It is, however, not at all certain that the statement of Josephus is correct. (3) The other so-called royal psalms contain no certain references to historical personages such as Simon the Maccabee or John Hyrcanus, each of whom has been not unplausibly suggested as the hero of Ps. Duhm remarks, How the reference to Melchizedek came to be introduced, I do not know ; perhaps it is the marginal note of a reader. The OT references to Melchizedek exercised both Jewish and Christian doctors.

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