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The senior Iranian official emphasized that the security of countries and nations depends on the extent of participation in the determination of political systems and structures.

Therefore, the Islamic Republic believes that stockpiling weapons would never enhance security, Shamkhani said.

After a typical rain event, the swales collected a million litres of water that was then absorbed into the landscape.These types of projects depend heavily on funding and volunteer support.After three years establishing the Permaculture site, the project lost funding and was discontinued.Iran and Russia have become increasingly allied in Syria and helped the war-stricken country gain more ground in recent months, particularly during the Syrian army’s major offensive last year to fully retake the northern city of Aleppo from Daesh Takfiri terrorists.Deserts are not normally considered agriculturally productive environments. Without an abundance of plants, the soil lacks organic materials and nutrition necessary to grow healthy food.

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In fact, the organic material in the soil had locked up the salt, making it inert.

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