Garmin nuvi updating points of interest

For example We hope you will like them and will be encouraged to buy our massive collected set either on CD ROM or as a DOWNLOAD.

This amazing collection has over 100 different POI sets covering every conceivable thing.

However if you are after some quick POIs to try out and get loaded - then just click the pictures above. There you can select the particular POI you require and download it.

Well virtually every single Garmin created will load them, as well as a lot of Navman models and Mio as well.

You can either use the link on the nav-bar at the top or click on the various other links LIKE THIS ONE FOR FREE DOWNLOADS I was a sad and lonely person, with no friends, eating only crisps and drinking coca cola.

I shied away from going outdoors and ordered my crisps and cola online.

The format used is relatively standard and called CSV - and we supply an easy "idiots guide" with our CD / DOWNLOAD collection to help you use it.

You can check this list if you want - if you don't see your Garmin model listed (and its a recent one) then check with us.

If you like these and seek more then have a look at our compilation CD ROM or COLLECTED DOWNLOAD As a business - nobody pays us to give our products away to people.We help people use the "new media" to get what they want, without the complexity that always seems to go with this area !You can explore the site using the various menus and links around.If you could rectify this matter at your earliest convenience and ensure that famous crisp factories of Britain are included in the new release ? You can get a copy of the loader from the Garmin site for free as well.There is no obligation and you won't hear receive any emails from us.

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