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Nick Bollettieri, who taught both Williams and Sharapova at his academy in Florida, said: ‘They’re great girls but they’re completely different, in as much as Maria was always business, always tough as nails, even when she was nine or ten.‘Serena is also driven on the court, brought up to be a brilliant competitor and a wonderful person.They’re both great, maybe intimidating if you’re on the wrong end of their play on court, but sweet as pie off it.’Sharapova had an early romance with tennis lothario Andy Roddick.She then had a two-year liaison with basketball player Sasha Vujacic, to whom she became engaged, before they split up, citing the pressures of their respective schedules. Drake told a magazine he really loved and cared for her, but was promptly spotted out with model Dollicia Bryan, and then with singer Rihanna.She also had a short fling with film producer Charlie Ebersol. Perhaps true to her reputation as an icy bore, Sharapova has a ‘thing’ for modern architecture and her homes in Manhattan Beach, Florida, and Ojai, California, are ‘modern and elegant with clean lines’.They first played each other in 2004 in Miami — when Williams won.

Sports writer David Nicholson told me: ‘The decision to live in Florida had an impact on her phenomenal ability to earn. Add that to her model looks and she is able to use her media-friendly exterior to further her commercial agenda.It has been recorded at 88.9 decibels, which is the equivalent to hearing a pneumatic drill from across a road.Earlier in the tournament, she was also given a warning for an ‘audible obscenity’.The noise, made when she hits every stroke, can reach 101 decibels, the equivalent of an aeroplane landing.Serena Williams’ grunt is a more macho ‘hur-wuff’ although she has been known to top it up with a shout of ‘Come on’ — or something far ruder.

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It is also said that she will wear the same pair of socks throughout a winning run. Sharapova hails from a remote oil town in Siberia; Williams from an Los Angeles ghetto.

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