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This, she explains in her now-viral post, is troubling on a few levels.

“You’re likely to be intentionally targeting a certain brand of white women because they’re as not privy to your bulls - - t as black women; having been raised around or by you,” she says. They are much more ‘difficult’ for you to manipulate.” Her post drew praise from some women.

Don’t try to downplay her cause she’s white.” But not everyone agreed.

Josh White wrote: “I just like interracial dating .

An online survey of 2,647 singles, ages 18-59, illustrates that level of ambiguity: 69% are at least somewhat confused about whether an outing with someone they're interested in is a date or not.

Although 80% agree that a date is "a planned one-on-one hangout," almost one-quarter (24%) also think it is "a planned evening with a group of friends," and 22% agree that "if they ask me out, it's a date." The survey, conducted in September, was commissioned by dating websites Christian and "It comes up often. I just want to have fun,' " says Tayo Rockson, 24, a first-year MBA student at Fordham University in New York.

"If it's someone that you just met recently and consistently have one-on-one hangout sessions, that's sort of a date."New York City psychotherapist Rachel Sussman says getting past the notion that a date is a planned event between two people still leaves mixed signals."A planned evening with a group of friends or a 9 o'clock text — 'I'm at this bar. ' — that is now more considered a date or something romantic," she says.

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