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I suggest contacting him on his talk page here and/or at ruwiki.If he is unable to get the bot running again, I will look into coding a replacement.Obviously eventually sub pages would be created by region of each country but if I knew what the maximium load was I could work around that.It's a long development anyway, any is free to help.♦ Wikipedia: Country subdivision templates is in the hidden Category: Pages where template include size is exceeded.

Is there a maximium number of templates which can be displayed on one page at one time or something?

— JJMC89 Would it be possible to have these values for NUMBEROF incorporated somehow as a magic word and instantly updated/loaded by Wikisoftware as same as for magic word NUMBEROFARTICLES, for example?

This way bot would not be needed, all values would be correct 100% time, and on all Wikipedia (and other Wikimedia) projects (maybe to do this in the future if not now)...

Is it possible somebody could create me a list of African stub class entries which are also designated a Vital article or High/top importance for Africa?

♦ There's another layer of stubs missing from those - the WP Africa template allows for country-level setting of importance. There are no Vital Stubs, and so I've given you Vital Starts --Tagishsimon (talk) , 24 September 2016 (UTC) , 24 September 2016 (UTC) Hi, I've created this as a maintenance/development tool, so general navigational templates by district and region of each country can be documented and developed evenly.

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See Help: Special page#Linking and transcluding and Wikipedia: Transclusion#Special pages.

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