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Can you recall the bittersweet green scent left on your hand as you harvest a tomato an instant before the bursting-point?

I’ve reached the six-month point in my online dating experience, and it feels like a small milestone: no … To what degree are we bound by the chain of causality?

I have taken a poll of my friends, and the results are in: no one who actually knows me finds me intimidating.

My sisters felt that Asian culture was too traditional and exclusive dated White boys.In many forms—inherited guilt, pathways of desire, the freedom of art—the past week has brought these questions to my attention. I’ve had a great many occasions lately to tell bits and pieces of my childhood.The more I ponder them, the more I am convinced that the answer encompasses opposites. Online dating-world is awash in reminiscence: where did you grow up? Some profiles even stipulate it: I’m looking for a partner who had a happy childhood and loves …It was so different from my expectations for weddings, and made me realize I would not want a wedding like this, which made me wonder if it was really just the wedding or if it was something more.It was this experience that caused me to ponder on the fact that perhaps I wasn’t being honest with myself when I told people I could see myself ending up with a Chinese man.

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