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Should you have such a bad day that not even Key Lemon will recognize your face, you can always fall resort to your password.

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E’ a loro consentito anche partecipare a riunioni religiose presso le palestre di comunità recintate della compagnia nazionale di idrocarburi, la Aramco.

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Try to make a chain of 5 successful shots in order to get a bonus, but be sure to target them as soon as one appears for it won't stay there for long!

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I'm looking for well simply a friend and a special someone to have some fun with i live life to its full if i don't get a giggle a day I'm not happy.

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Hey, gotta quench that thirst somehow—what's that famous Mother Teresa quote?

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There were warnings posted everywhere about the horrible things that could happen if you got too close but, in the same way that a “DO NOT ENTER” sign invites you to enter and a “DO NOT PRESS THIS BUTTON” sign makes you want to do just that, the unfortunate stick figures writhing in pain on signs above the third rail only made me want to join them.

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Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.